Durango Merchant Services Payment Gateway Launches QuickBooks™ SyncPay

Durango Merchant Services is pleased to announce our latest payment gateway offering: QuickBooks™ SyncPay Plug-In, which allows merchants utilizing QuickBooks™ to process transactions directly from within the accounting software.

This service is ideal for businesses looking for a merchant account that is compatible with their QuickBooks™ accounting software, as previously the payment gateways and merchant accounts that were compatible with QuickBooks™ were rather limited.

–SyncPay provides support for payment processing directly from within QuickBooks™.

–Compatible with QuickBooks Pro™, QuickBooks Premier™ and QuickBooks Enterprise™ (Versions 2007 and above)

–NOT Compatible with Online™ Versions, Accountant™, POS (Point of Sale) Versions, MAC Versions

–Durango’s QuickBooks™ SyncPay allows merchants to:

  • Pay invoices
  • Generate sales receipts
  • Process batch transactions
  • View batch reports

–All features can be done without ever leaving QuickBooks™.

–Merchants can process multiple payments against open invoices at the touch of a button.

–SyncPay also includes support for end-to-end encrypted card present swiped transactions after attaching a hardware encrypted secure card reader.

–Suitable for both low-risk and high-risk merchants.

If you have any questions regarding our payment gateway’s new QuickBooks™ plug-in, or would like a free proposal on lower processing fees, please contact Durango Merchant Services today!

**QuickBooks SyncPay Plug-In is not compatible with QuickBooks Online, Accountant, MAC or POS versions**


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