3D Secure 2.0 Protects Your Business Builds Your Brand

  • Frictionless network level chargeback protection

  • No disputes (chargeback does not hit the merchant) on authenticated transactions

  • No false declines – all transactions go through as normal

  • Frictionless network level chargeback protection

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Very easy, smooth experience. Nathan was great with me and there was not a hiccup in getting me approved for the right merchant I needed. Thanks again!!

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Durango Merchants are the best in the business… Iv’e been them since 2009 and my account manager, Brad, has always been so completely helpful and diligent to get any customer across the finish. I will never get a merchant account with no one other than Brad!!!! Thank You Durango for all you do!

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Just a few of the industries we serve:

  • Nutraceuticals & Supplements
  • Membership Sites
  • Ecommerce
  • Mail Order or Telephone Order
  • Low risk and high risk
  • Any travel company
  • Vapes and e-cigs
  • International & Multi-Currency
  • Subscription Sites
  • Education Software for all Industries
  • Fantasy sports and forecasting
  • Small Businesses online or physical location
  • Directory Sites
  • Web Development and SEO
  • High Tickets
  • Poor Credit
  • Credit Repair

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3-D Secure is a fraud prevention protocol that was created by Visa and Mastercard to authenticate e-commerce transactions. The protocol sits on the merchant payment form between the payment page and the gateway verifying transactions in real time.


10.4 – Other fraud – Card absent environment


4837 – No cardholder authorization
4863 – Cardholder does not recognize – Potential fraud

If the transaction is not authenticated, PAAY will close out the authentication request and the transaction will
continue as normal. There will be no impact on the customer experience, however the liability shift will not occur.

Currently, about 65-75% of transactions are authenticated and qualify for a liability shift. There are ways to optimize your payment page to increase the number of authenticated transactions. For more information on how to optimize your payment page please contact shanek@durango-direct.com. By April 2019 (Deadline for issuing banks to start utilizing 2.0) authentication rates should spike to up to 95%.

As a merchant, you will not know when a chargeback occurs. That’s the beauty of 3DS. There’s no dispute, and it doesn’t impact your ratios. Instead of going back to the merchant, the issuing bank will refund the customer on their credit card or they will send it to the fraud department for further investigation. The merchant is never involved.

The new specification reflects current and future market requirements for:

  • Risk based authentication (Up to 95% authentication rate)
  • Acceptance of tokens (Pass tokens instead of the full credit card number)
  • Out of band authentication (not bound to browser)
  • App based authentication
  • Fewer steps for authentication
  • Frictionless customer experience
  • Biometric authentication
  • Integration with digital wallets
  • Recurring transactions
  • PSD2 Compliant
The authentication starts as soon as the customer finishes entering their credit card information on the merchant payment form prior to the customer hitting submit. If the transaction is authenticated the merchant will receive 3DS data that is then passed to the gateway and finally to the processor. There is no impact on the customer experience, everything happens on the backend.
No. Currently we only provide chargeback protection on Visa or MasterCard transactions. However, we are working on launching Discover and American Express. This is expected to happen in the next couple of months.
3-D Secure qualifies transactions as “less risky” on a network level – enabling Visa and Mastercard to offer lower interchange rates on reward cards. Checkout our interactive calculator here to see what you could save and learn more about the logic behind the savings.
No, everything happens in the backend. There is no impact on the customer experience .
All you need is a customizable payment form and an account with Durango Merchant Services. If you’re interested in trying out the solution, please fill out the following form and we will get you started with a free trial.