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Fraud Scrubbing

Fraud Scrubbing is a rule-set based fraud management utility that allows merchants to configure extensive filters to help them in detecting fraud and screening suspicious transactions. Our extensive reporting system gives merchants a quick and easy way to review transactions, block suspicious activity, and zero in on malicious users.  It’s a vital part of our merchant account processing services.

This service looks at transactions both before and after processing and can decline transactions before and after authorization. The successful implementation and reduction in chargebacks across numerous merchants has been a testament to the effectiveness of this product.

Some example parameters are included below:

If a user changes credit card over [2] times for [Attempted] transactions, then [Deny Transaction].

If daily [Attempted] transaction count for Credit Card exceeds [3], then [Flag for Review].

If daily [Attempted] transaction count for IP exceeds [4], then [Flag for Review].

Easy-to-Use Management Tools

Our web-based management tools give merchants quick and user-friendly control over their online fraud security system. The control panel allows merchants to maintain their own good and bad customer list, edit filters, restrict access by banning IPs, and set up and maintain filter controls. For example: Possible filtering criteria include but are not limited to IP Address, Email Address, Transaction Count, Dollar Amount, IP Velocity check, Dollar Velocity check, Country, US/Non-US IP Ban, and much more.

Complete Protection

Properly set fraud filters eliminate the majority of fraudulent transactions in real time. The selected filters can be customized for each merchant, which are continuously updated to keep the merchant one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Fraud Protection Services

We offer the following Fraud Protection services to help maximize the profits and confidence of our merchants:


MasterCard SecureCode is a private code for your MasterCard account that gives you an additional layer of online shopping security. Only you and your financial institution know what your code is – retailers aren’t able to see it. So you can trust that your transactions get independent approval every time.

VERIFIED BY VISA:This service is offered directly from Visa & MasterCard through our gateway to reduce online fraud; it will help protect the merchant from chargebacks for “FRAUD” codes, which are the most common type of chargebacks with card not present transactions.

FRAUD SCRUBBING:This service can be used in conjunction with Verified by Visa and SecureCode, or by itself. Use our gateway’s internal fraud scrubbing engine, as well as your own rule-sets to monitor and prevent fraudulent transactions.

dCHECK DEMAND DRAFT:Use our Check21 processing solution for online transactions instead of eCheck and ACH. With eCheck and ACH, customers have 6 months to issue a simple dispute/chargeback. With Check21 processing, after 10 days, the burden of proof is on the customer to prove that fraud occurred, and the regulations are designed to protect the merchant from fraudulent customers.