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You don’t have to take our word for it, read independently submitted reviews from our merchants on TrustLink, a service brought to you by the Better Business Bureau.  Click on the TrustLink logo below to be directed to the independent reviews!

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Durango Merchant Services, LLC BBB Business Review


We’ve also high-lighted some of those reviews here:

I recently had the pleasure of working with Durango Merchant Services and words cannot tell how pleased I was with my whole experience. They had me up and running in two business days and helped out in every way possible. I will be recommending them to anyone I come across that needs a merchant account.
—Marcus P.

Durango Merchant has given us 110% from the moment we found their company. When we first started our business we were turned down by other merchant services because of the type of business we have. They have also helped us during our companies growth. The hurdles that we’ve had to overcome as a business have been made easier by their level of expertise and effort. There have been countless times we’ve called them (Brad handles our account) and they call back with the solution. Usually they just handle everything for us. It’s been fantastic!.”

Durango Merchant Service, LLC has been a huge part of our success at GS Labs, Inc. They really understand our line of business and have helped us where no other company could. We contacted close to 10 other merchant company’s, most did not even return our call, or if they did, they had no idea how to work with a company in our field. Durango Merchant Service, LLC has been very responsive to any questions that have arisen. I have been surprised many times at the quick response to email, even late at night and on the weekends. I would recommend anyone looking for a merchant account to contact Durango Merchant Service, LLC.

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Some of the Industries We Serve:

Daily Deals and Coupons Daily Deals and Coupons

Daily e-Coupon Offers

Vacation Services Vacation Services

Vacation Services

Dating Sites Dating Sites

Dating Services


Multi-Currency Merchant Accounts Multi-Currency Merchant Accounts

Multi-Currency Accounts

Herbal Supplements Merchant Account Herbal Supplments Merchant Account

Herbal Supplements

Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Hard to Place

Hard to Place

Financial Consulting

Real Estate

Bad Credit

Bad Credit

Event Tickets

High Average Ticket

High Average Ticket

High Volume

Phone Order

Phone Order

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SEO Services

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Durango Merchant Services Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities