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Turn-key Customer Service For Your Business

We have joined forces with the best in order to maximize your business’s profitability and overall success. We’re proud to work with our partners because they work as hard as we do in order to see you triumph. Your customer service provider can and will positively affect both your customer retention and chargebacks.



Durango Merchant Services - High Risk Payment ProcessorsPartnering With the Best Customer Service Provider to Help You Succeed

Average Hold Time Of 90 Seconds Or Less
Pick-Up Rate Of 90% Or Higher
Agent Quality Score Of 90% Or Higher

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Working with RevLive I didn’t feel like just another customer. With their personal services I felt like their only customer. I got the dedication and time that made me feel special.”

– D Foss.

“From the agents to the management staff, RevLive is a class act company. Everyone is focused on what’s important to me. MY campaigns!”

– S. Porter

RevLive Customer Service

Our 83% first call resolution rate is a standard that we maintain by being educated on your business, products, services and most certainly, your customers.

With over a decade of experience, RevLive has the knowledge to identify the latest trends in customer service. We’re progressive and strive to fulfill your customer’s needs quickly without compromising on quality.

Flat Rate Billing Model

RevLive operates on a Flat Rate Billing Model. We take care of your customers regardless of how much time it takes. While other call centers bill by the minute, we will never rush your customers off the phone for the sake of saving on expenses. We aim for satisfaction, not shortcuts.

Optimized Client Metrics

With our reporting, RevLive provides you access with every aspect of how our call center is performing for you. We want to positively impact your business by exponentially increasing your profitability.

Account Management

The Client Success Manager assigned to your account will chart quality performance levels and update you on your campaign while optimizing opportunities along the way. This individual will ensure your goals, performance objectives and overall success is priority number one.

Call Monitoring

Our Quality Assurance Team works closely with every member of our call center to maintain a high level of customer support. QA sessions are done with every agent and are consulted on their performances both during the call with the customer and after. They are provided with constructive criticism that covers areas in which they are excelling, as well as areas that need improvement based on feedback provided by the customer directly.

A few of the metrics you will see in your real-time reporting portal include:

  • Customer wait time
  • Average call length
  • Abandonment rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Refund Rate
  • Agent Error Rate Report
  • Refund Impact Report
  • Save Sales
  • And much more…

Our reports monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics will allow you to optimize your customer’s experience through our easy to use interface that allows you to request information by date range. You’ll also have the option to download all data to integrate it into your CRM application. Along with complete access, you’ll also be in constant communication with a Client Success Manager that will provide you with answers to any questions you may have along the way.